The main purpose of the event, according to chapter president Monet Roberts, was to provide students with an opportunity to relax before finals week.

Cleveland State public relations organization PRSSA PR Company, PR Firm, Public Relations, Press Release, Press Release Distribution,Iconic Meida Stacking“Really, the biggest purpose of game night is to relax before finals because we’re all stressed out about [them],” Roberts said. “So, we really wanted students to be able to just enjoy themselves and relax before finals.”

The games available to students included Sorry, Connect 4, Twister, Life, Jenga, as well as Cards against Humanity, one of the more popular games of the night.

PRSSA serves to connect students with professionals in the field through its parent organization, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). PRSA was chartered in 1947, and the organization consists of over 20,000 members nationwide.

CSU’s chapter aims to provide students with an extension of classroom public relations learning and real world benefit through campaign opportunities as well as events featuring guest speakers.

Roberts says that the group’s duty is to  inform people about the world of public relations.

“The organization’s purpose is really to shed light on public relations, [giving] students hands-on experience, we want to shed light on what PR is, bring in networking opportunities, give people opportunities to go out in the world and really connect with professionals, and also see other agencies as well,” Roberts said.

The game night also served the purpose of reintroducing the organization to students, as PRSSA at CSU recently had a change of leadership.

“Right now we’re really focused on rebranding ourselves, really jumping out there and getting our name out there to the student body,” Roberts said. “So, what we wanted to do with game night is show students that [they] can come and be a part of this organization and have fun.”

Sarah Roberts, PRSSA chapter treasurer, said the change helped the group completely restart.

“We took it upon ourselves this semester to just start completely fresh, start brand new and build our way back up,” Roberts said.

Roberts sees a bright future for the organization and those within it.

“The coolest part about PRSSA is once we really get ourselves grounded, the sky’s the limit in what we can do,” Roberts said. “We can do work for other organizations within the school to help them their goals achieved, or we can even do things outside of the school.”

The organization is currently running a public relations campaign for CSU’s Black Student Association. They also plan to campaign for Wigs For Kids next semester.

According to Monet Roberts, PRSSA hopes to ultimately serve as an in-house public relations firm for organizations at CSU.

Roberts believes in the importance of PRSSA at CSU, and encourages students to give them a chance.

“Honestly, I’ve only been in the organization this semester and it’s been the biggest growing experience I’ve ever had in my life,” Roberts said.  “I’m connecting with professionals who are going to benefit my career in……Read Full Article Below

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