How do You Move a PR Firm into the future? Ask These 4 Detroit Execs

One thing you can count on when starting a business is the need to embrace and navigate change. Staying in front of it isn’t easy. Not doing so is one reason 80% of new companies close their doors before their fifth anniversary. But Bob Berg and Georgella Muirhead seem to have figured it out. They are making [...]

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Maxim Behar Appointed to the Board of PR Museum in New York

Photo: Bulgaria On Air Magazine ICCO President Maxim Behar has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the Museum of public relations, was announced yesterday in New York. The Museum of Public Relations is a not for profit organisation and is the only public relations Museum in the world. It is based in New York [...]

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Why Google Analytics Isn’t The Tool To Measure The Value of PR

One of the most important aspects of being a PR professional is having an open and clear line of communication with clients. It’s important to effectively communicate the success of our work and make sure that expectations are set accordingly. Occasionally, a client will express to members of my firm that a PR campaign isn’t [...]

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Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations? – The Atlantic

Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations? The field is nearly two-thirds female. Is it because of a lack of better options—or is it, in fact, the best possible option? About a decade ago, Adriana Sol was helping design ads in Miami Beach when she realized the advertising trade’s nit-pickiness was slowly draining [...]

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

The public relations industry does a terrible job of public relations. Very few people can explain what people in public relations really do. If you’re a cop, a construction worker or a cowboy, everybody knows your job function.  (If you’re a cop, construction worker and a cowboy who hangs out with a guy dressed in [...]

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